For as long as Humanity as existed, there was always the Monsters in the shadows.

Humans and Monsters always had a tumultous relationship throughout history.

Vampires having been alleged to prey on Humans. Humans burning Wizards at the stake.

Eventually, the Humans began to take over the world, driving Monsters into hiding, lest they be murdered or worse. Monsters began to form their own communities, having their own towns, cities and even forming Monster equivalents of things us Humans use all the time, such as schools, colleges, hospitals and even companies. Those who weren't in hiding learned how to use Magic to hide their true forms and blend in with Human society.

I mean, did you really think Mark Zuckerberg was a Human?

Centuries of Monsters hiding away from Humans lead to Humanity forgetting how real they are. Vampires, Werebeasts and other such common beings are Hollywood fiction. Elves, Fairies and Orcs are just something fantasy writers made up. Tales of Angels, Demons and Deities exist only to those of certain religions and cannot be verified on whether they exist or not beyond that. There would be the occasional Ghost, Spirit, Demon or whatever sighting, along with those claiming to be Vampires and such, but those were brushed off as just crazy talk or superstition, if not, outright hoaxes.

They were wrong.

Very, very wrong.


It's 20XX.

It has been just over a year that the Monsters have been discovered to actually and verifiably exist.

There is no denying it. This isn't folklore or fiction anymore.

This is real life.

Chaos breaks out, with Humans discriminating against the Monsters.

"They're not Human, they can't be sapient!"

"They're dangerous! We can't let them eat us! I don't care if they're 'vegan', it's a lie!"

Riots are breaking out, with violence between the two factions at an all-time high.

Social media is filled with arguing and debates about what to do about these Monsters, alongside Monsters freaking out about their future, both on public sites and within the deepest crevices of their own Monster community.


Amidst all of the chaos, Dice, a young girl with a penchant for bad luck who just so happens to be a Hydra, finds herself being forced to switch over to Enigma High, Hell Valley.

Alongside her friends, Lacey and Spike, Dice begins to learn that in this school straight out of fiction, not all is as it seems in the shady town down south...

These cretins better get hoppin'!

Cretin Hop is a slice-of-life dramedy that aims to explore the world our poor Dragon friend is thrown into. Well, there's a lot of other things going on, but I don't want to spoil anything.

This project is a bit messy right now, so sorry for any mistakes or inconsistencies!

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